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Missing Greyhound - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Park area

Missing greyhound!

Watson escaped from his yard on Belden in Chicago at 1AM on Wednesday morning - 12/10/08. He is a big red brindle boy, wearing his collar. Watson is a very friendly, personable boy.

Please call 847-421-9828 or 312-502-8704 if you can help search. We will tell you where to go to get supplies and directions. Please call BEFORE you go out. You will need a can of cat food or tuna, a squawker, duct tape or staple gun, your dog, a map of the area and a cell phone.

There was excellent sighting today, Tuesday at 2:30PM! Here is the plan for 12/24 and 12/25. We are moving the search area east near St. Joseph’s Hospital and the jogging trail. You need to go to 510 W. ARMITAGE, (just west of Lincoln Ave) to get GREEN flyers and assignments.

He was last seen at the Diversey Driving Range frolicking in the snow around a statue of a golf club!

Our search area will be Armitage to the south, Addison to the north, Lincoln Park Zoo area to the east and west to Halstead.

We also need folks to take 30 minutes to remove the yellow flyers in the Logan and Buck Town areas. If you see a yellow flyer, remove it and replace it with a green flyer.

This boy seems to be having a really good time in the snow. Should you spot him, DON’T chase him. Run the other way and attempt to play instead of capture. Be sure to bring good smelling food/treats to entice him!

We have to get this boy home to Elizabeth for Christmas!



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